William H. O. Kroll

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“Creative, Innovative Solutions to

                                      Acoustical Challenges”




Sample of Awards and Praise


Consulting Engineers Council of Minnesota

Honor Award

University of Minnesota

Wilson Library Mechanical Chillers and Electrical Power – Noise and Vibration Isolation



Diocese of San Diego, Office of the Bishop

“While the chapel is still not finished, we have begun to use it.  The acoustics are the envy of many. 

When the organ builder was here, he admitted that the sound of an organ is 20% the instrument and 80% the room, and raved about the excellence of the acoustics in our chapel.  Thank you once again for you expert assistance.” Robert Brom, Bishop of San Diego



Consulting Engineers Council of Minnesota

Honor Award

Unisys MACS Facility – Generators

Eagan, Minnesota



American Lutheran Church, Milbank, South Dakota

“American Lutheran Church built a 26,000 square foot church, including a large sanctuary seating 350 people, in 2004. Jeff Stromgren was our architect, and he used William H. O. Kroll and Associates to engineer the acoustics of the worship space. The completed sanctuary has exceeded our expectations for the quality of the sound, whether it be spoken, or performance by voices and/or instruments.

Chelsea Chen, a renowned young Juilliard trained organist who performed the dedication concert on our new Salmen organ, was extremely impressed by the acoustic quality of the sanctuary, as was the organ builder, David Salmen, himself. Ken Huber, who performed the dedication concert on our Steinway grand piano, also gave great praise to the wonderful sound of the space. We have hosted several concerts and events, as well as regular worship services, and are very grateful for Mr. Kroll's fine work. …” Rev. N. Craig Werling and Rev. Janine Rew-Werling



Consulting Engineers Council of Minnesota

Honor Award

Super Valu

Eden Prairie Standby Power Plant



First United Methodist, Huron, South Dakota

Our sanctuary got quite a compliment last week and I wanted to pass it along to you. We hosted a benefit concert for our local Habitat for Humanity chapter on Thursday evening. A singing group from Utah, Joyful Sound, performed for two hours. … Another individual in the group had told me that their group liked our church the best of any they had been in. And then he added, "I don't mean just this year - I mean of all the churches we've ever been in. Your sanctuary is beautiful and dignified and yet very flexible."  I thought those were quite the compliments! I had also chuckled over the young man who was guest conductor with the Huron Symphony when they held their spring concert in our sanctuary. … "The sound in this hall is great!" I gave him a bad time about our sanctuary being a "hall." But that's a musician talking.”  Pastor Linda Renaud



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“Creative, Innovative Solutions to Acoustical Challenges”